Hapstead Hall, Ardingly

The Hapstead Hall Management Committee considers the protection of the environment to be of major importance. Environmental protection is an integral part of efficient management of the Committee’s activities. High standards are to be applied by all those who work in or use the Hall, complying with all legislation, codes of practice and official guidance relevant to environmental protection.

Environmental Policy measures
The Management Committee will endeavour to:

            Awareness and Commitment
– promote awareness of the principles and objectives of environment protection
– ensure that Hapstead Hall staff, volunteers and users are familiar with and implement this environmental commitment and its objectives
– ensure that the Hall and activities associated with it, comply with all relevant environmental regulations.

           Energy and Water
– ensure energy is used efficiently and wherever possible reduce its use, for example keep outside doors closed in cold weather
– seek to use ‘green’ energy suppliers or tariffs where it makes economic sense
– use water efficiently and with care
– avoid pollutants entering the drainage system.

– reduce production of material waste including unnecessary packaging and single use plastic
– encourage re-use, repair and recycling of materials including organic waste
– separate refuse and recycling material, and dispose of both in a safe and responsible way.

           Materials and Resources
– buy products, including cleaning materials which are made in accordance with the principle of using material in a sustainable way and use locally-made goods where practicable
– take into account the lifetime costs of materials when repairing, altering or rebuilding premises
– reduce use of paper while maximising that from sustainable sources and recycled material
– where possible, offer electronic communication as an alternative to paper
– adopt a sustainable procurement policy and encourage our suppliers to operate in an environmentally appropriate manner, reducing the environmental impact of their products and transport.
– where possible, support local businesses and allow them the opportunity to quote for work.

          Natural Environment
– take appropriate opportunities to conserve and enhance the natural environment surrounding the Hall
– be sensitive to the impact of activities on the local environment, such as traffic, noise and general disturbance.

– make every effort to reduce air pollution and energy consumption resulting from the use of vehicles by avoiding unnecessary travel and encouraging the use of energy efficient vehicles
– encourage users of the Hall to travel on foot, by cycle or on public transport as much as possible
– encourage the sharing of transport.

Implementation, monitoring and review
Implementation of this Policy will be undertaken by the Management Committee.
The Policy and its implementation will be monitored and reviewed regularly, normally once per year.
A copy of the Policy will be displayed in the Hall and made available on the Hapstead Hall website.

All those hiring Hapstead Hall will be expected to confirm that they are aware of this Policy and that their own activities and use of the Hall are in conformity with it.

Hapstead Hall Management Committee/ 18 March 2019